Ritual Shower Gels Part 2

Memento Mori La Ritual Shower Gels Part 2

16.00 USD

 Diana would be the Goddess of Nature, the moon, the hunt, and it is related with animals that are wild as well as woodland

 Ceridwen s Shower Gels are handcrafted out of a family members formula that's been handed down for 30 years with the healing waters which course out of similar geothermal exercise as in the recovery spas in Arkansas

 They're hand mixed at only the best time of the morning as well as stage of the moon to deliver the most perfect power to the bath of yours or maybe shower experience

 Precisely the same gel is often utilized for a luxurious soak in a Bubble Bath or even for the children to splash around in an enjoyable Bubble Bath and have a set intention! Choose from BEAUTY default - pick this gel as being a reflection to remind as well as demonstrate the beauty you have within

 To feel gorgeous in the body of yours, spirit as well as mind

 SUCCESS in LIFE - make use of this gel to bring supporting power to obtain your life's passion

 DIANA - use this gel to improve fertility, and also get much more nature in your everyday life

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