Superior 3-Step Complete Facial Kit-Vitamin C & E

Fenam Superior 3-step Complete Facial Kit-vitamin C & E

13.65 USD

 The small oxygen foam penetrate into the skin pores for big cleansing to make skin for the following step in the entire skin

 Step three - Vitamin C E Facial Essence Mask Collagen improvement to revitalize as well as rejuvenate tired skin to restore as well as regain youthful and healthy complexion Step one - Oxygen Bubble Cleanser

 Anti-Oxidant, Nourish as well as Hydrate

 Phase one - Oxygen Bubble Cleanser All-in-one Oxygen Bubble Cleanser deliver deep pore exfoliating as well as cleaning with hydrating finish

 Step three - Cellulose Sheet Mask

 Tighten as well as firm dull and tired skin with vitamins that are important to nourish as well as replenish nourishment that are needed for radiant and healthy skin

 Step two - Concentrated Moisturizing Serum The focused moisturizing serum offers moisturizing and nourishing to brighten as well as skin firmness with hydration boost

 Step two - Concentrated Moisturizing Serum

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