Inked Doll Cosmetics Unicorn Glow Highlighter

12.99 USD

 The Unicorn Glow Triple Stack includes three five gram color moving glittery powders that are ultra bright, little sparkly iridescent color additives that look as a gray, semi irridescent powdered before rubbed on the epidermis a lot brighter from darker sounds! Currently we've 3 colors Mer bae shifts from sparkly white colored to a Pink ish/Purple tone Unicorn Tears adjustments from sparkly white colored to a Green ish tone Moon Majesty adjustments from sparkly white to a Blue ish tone You are able to use the Unicorn Glow Triple Stack gently for a transparent appearance or even heavier to experience wide ranges of color and also provide a much stronger, much better luster

 Mix with different shadows to get a cleaner color assortment intensified brightness!! Please Note! All of the components in these items see the FDA requirements for common cosmetic use, which includes eye consumption

 The way we haven't yet established with the FDA about the permissibility of the product's usage within the eyes as a result of the micron size

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