PayotPerform Lift Perform Sculpt Nuit - For Mature Skins 50ml/1.7oz

Payot Perform Lift Perform Sculpt Nuit, For Mature Skins 50ml, 1.7oz

115.00 USD

 A simple yet effective lipo sculpting night cream for experience neckFeatures an affluent enveloping feel which offers long-term comfortFormulated with Acti lift complex which functions at every single level of skinBlended with wakame extract to trigger the generation of flexible fibersLoaded with remodeling peptides to bolster dermis epidermis cohesionInfused with peony extract for lipo sculpting effectRe-defines skin amount for higher harmony while filling in wrinklesUnveils a firmer, brighter, smoother, younger and re-contoured looking neckGreat and face for older skin

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