CaritaLes Precis Acide Hyaluronique [+] Tripeptides Hydro-Replenishing Concentrate 15ml/0.5oz

Carita Les Precis Acide Hyaluronique [+] Tripeptides Hydro-replenishing Concentrate 15ml, 0.5oz

68.00 USD

 A moisturizing anti-aging skin concentrate for dehydrated skinFeatures a focused formulation pairing big low molecular mass of Hyaluronic AcidHelps clean the skin delivers ideal hydrationInstantly fills in creases and fine lines while replenishing plumping skinInfused with Tripeptides to trigger creation of Hyaluronic Acid strengthen drinking water reservesUnveils a softer, much more sparkling, healthier and refined looking complexionFor expert use only

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