High Quality Dry Skin Aloe Fresh Body Lotion

Smartin High Quality Dry Skin Aloe Fresh Body Lotion

20.41 USD

 For ciildren under six weeks of age, consult a physician

 Warnings FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY Stay away from contact with eyes

 Keep this out of access of kids

 Just in case of accidental ingestion, look for specialized help or perhaps contact a Poison Control Cente instantly

 INGREDIENTS Water aqua , glycerin, petrolatum, mineral oil paartfinum liquidum , phenoxyethanol carbomer, dimethicone, fragrance, sodium hydroxide, cetylalcohol cetylacetate, peg-40 stearate, glycol stearate, glyceryl stearate, stearic acid, helian

 Dried up Skin Aloe Fresh Body Lotion ten fl - two Pack Aloe Lotion for Dry Skin Skin nourishing Aloe as well as berry extracts assist penetrate as well as hydrate skin Fast Absorbing formula actually leaves skin feeling very soft as well as smooth, not oily

 In the event that skin irrtation or perhaps rash develops, discontinue consumption

 Directions Apply as needed to hands, body or foot for dried up skin relief

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