Moroccan Rose Water - 2 oz

Zakia's Morocco Moroccan Rose Water, 2 Oz

25.20 USD

 Benefits Restoring, toning as well as hydrating -Anti-aging as well as rejuvenating Uplifts emotionally charged amounts Balances skin Level of ph -Anti-inflammatory, acne preventing Protects and purifies epidermis Suggested Suggested Use Skincare Apply carefully with a cotton ball onto experience as well as neck early morning as well as evening after cleansing to tone, refresh skin and balance

 By utilizing conventional distillation methods we've created an unique quality rose drinking water which preserves all of the healing qualities of the rose petal and also provides the skin of yours the beautifying rejuvenating advantages

 For numerous years in the center of the Atlas Mountains and also the Rif Valley, Moroccans are actually developing as well as cherishing the gorgeous Rosa damascena flower

 Everyday Care - After cleansing - After hot shower - When sunburned - In order to set makeup - After shaving or waxing - During traveling Ideal for every skin types

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