ShiseidoEver Bloom Extrait Absolu Shiseido Parfum Splash 20ml/6.7oz

Shiseido Ever Bloom Extrait Absolu Parfum Splash 20ml, 6.7oz

175.00 USD

 A musky cream, floral fragrance for contemporary womenCreated by using a distinctive Shiseido olfactory structureCombines Radiance and Presence accord notesOrange Blossom Absolute, gardenia Sylkolide musk develop the internal Presence AccordCaptures the confidence, irresistible sensuality and tender intelligence of womenSophisticated, understated notes of cyclamen, lotus rose heart produce the Radiance AccordDelivers an all enveloping freshnessHighly sensuous long lasting on skinDispenses just one luxuriant fall of scent in a timeLaunched in 2016

Brand: Shiseido, buy Shiseido