ShiseidoWaso Quick Matte Moisturizer Oil-Free 75ml/2.5oz

Shiseido Waso Quick Matte Moisturizer Oil-free 75ml, 2.5oz

40.00 USD

 An oil free, oil balancing gel emulsionFeatures a rejuvenating dewy feel to provide 24 hour hydrationContains wholesome Loquat Leaf Cells, that are meticulously extracted to maintain their wholeness harnessed Provides an anti oxidant impact while balancing skin's engine oil levelsDeveloped with PhytoResist System which uses the capability of botanicalsHelps improve skin's resistance to external and internal stressors Infused with Sebum Absorbing Powder to process extra sebum minimize apparent poresLeaves skin smooth, mattified much less shinyIdeal for dry, oily, typical, mixture vulnerable skinDermatologist tested, non-comedogenic, oil-free and paraben-free

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